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     This webpage serves as a cross-reference for websites related to the science of mycology (the study of fungi) within the state of Arizona. The Arizona Mycota Project (AMP) solicits the help of volunteer contributors to collect data (e.g., specimens and/or images) to help increase our knowledge of fungi (particularly macrofungi) in the state. The Checklist of Arizona Macrofungi, Lichens, and Slime Molds is a database that contains over five thousand records documenting nearly thirteen hundred species of macrofungi and nearly one hundred fifty species of slime molds that have been reported from the state. Mycophiles (lovers of fungi) with an interest in forays and/or mycophagy (eating fungi, especially wild mushrooms) may also find the Arizona Mushroom Club a valuable resource.

     Several institutions maintain collections of Arizona fungi or house specimens collected in the state. The Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium (ASU) houses over one-hundred thousand lichen specimens (many from Arizona and the greater Sonoran region), and records of these lichenized fungi can be accessed via the Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINet). The University of Arizona Robert L. Gilbertson Mycological Herbarium (ARIZ) houses approximately thirty-five thousand (and growing) fungal specimens and records of these, many of which are from the state, will soon be available via an online database from the herbarium's website. Other herbaria that contain specimens from Arizona include: New York Botanical Garden (NY), Oregon State University Herbarium (OSC), the University of Michigan Fungus Collection (MICH), University of Tennessee Herbarium (TENN), and the U.S. National Fungus Collections (BPI).